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Pet of the Week: Cooper

What a great day for a swim! Here is Cooper, a black Labrador retriever from Maryland who loves to use his webbed feet to cool off with a relaxing dip in the river. Labs are good natured and wonderful with kids. They also have high energy, and that can be a challenge for some tired parents.

Pet of the Week: Trixie

It’s National Dog Day! Every adopted dog should have a life like this little gal. Here is Trixie, she’s a pampered, rescue wiener dog living in Seattle. Even when dressed like an elf, Trixie is ready to frolic and play with her favorite humans.

Pet of the Week: Bearded Dragon

Meet this Yankee Doodle bearded dragon! Bearded dragon lizards, which are the most popular lizards sold today, need UV light to survive whether it is natural sunlight or through special lamps. Note: Light that travels through plastic or glass no longer contains UV. Bearded dragons are omnivores, meaning they eat all types of food including […]

Pet of the Week: Kiki

This is Kiki, a Budgerigar (or Budgie). Budgies are very popular pets and Kiki lives in Helena, MT with her humans. The family children taught her a few tricks and Kiki is rewarded with treats. Budgies come in a variety of colors including blue, teal, green and yellow.